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Why you should talk it out after divorce or separation

Divorce and separation can bring to the surface difficult, raw and often unexpected emotions. Thankfully, there are healthy, non-destructive ways of dealing with these thoughts and feelings.

7 ways to cope during divorce and separation

Difficult and unpleasant thoughts and emotions are a normal part of divorce and separation. Here are some ways to better cope and manage.

Shift work and mental health

Working nights or irregular shifts? There are many ways in which you can improve your wellbeing, regardless of whether you’ve spent many years doing it or have just started.

What does a panic attack feel like?

A panic attack is an episode of strong negative feelings characterised by intense fear and dread. The feelings can seem overwhelming and are often so vivid that they have physical symptoms.


#Pets can bring immense fulfillment to people’s lives and as evidence suggests, they can also be of great help to our emotional, physical and mental health.
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We are beginning to understand that our physical health is not just impacted by illness or disease, as research identifies quantifiable effects of #loneliness on our mortality.

NQ Connect counsellors are here 24/7 to help with #anxiety #stress #grief #angermanagement and more. The service is free and you don’t need a referral. Call 1300 059 625 or visit

Loneliness is now being called the ‘next big public health crisis’ according to health experts. Whilst the effects on mental health may be more obvious, research has also revealed concerning implications on our physical health. More via @SBS

Numerous studies have already identified that #loneliness puts people at greater risk for physical disease and, shockingly, have now revealed that it may reduce our life span.

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