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How to break the negative thought loop

Dwelling on, or ruminating about things that haven’t happened, or worrying about things in the past, can create a cycle or ‘loop’ of negative thoughts that can be hard to escape from and can stop you from enjoying the present. Here we have listed some simple steps you can take to help break the negative thinking loop.

Mental health benefits of pet ownership

74% of pet owners reported mental health improvements as a result of pet ownership. But did you know that there are other ways in which pets can improve your mental health and overall wellbeing? Here we’ve identified five common health benefits of pet ownership.

The mental and physical challenges of quitting smoking

Unpleasant withdrawal symptoms are a common reason why so many people struggle to quit smoking. Understand the mental and physical challenges of quitting smoking and what the best way to finally quit smoking is.

What is mental chatter

Mental chatter is the inner voice that doesn’t stop – constantly racing from one thing to the next. Learn more & find tips to beat it.


If someone you care about has OCD, supporting them can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to help them together from @MindCharity

Today is #RemembranceDay. We will remember and honour those who died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts. If you need support, our counsellors are here to help 24/7. Call 1300 059 625 any time or visit
#RemembranceDay2019 #LestWeForget

NQ Connect is a free #counselling service for people in #northernqueensland feeling the #pressures of everyday life. We're here to listen 24/7. Call 1300 059 625 any time or talk to us online here:

There are a variety of different symptoms involved in #OCD, but often they follow certain common themes. More via @healthdirectAU
#MentalHealth #anxiety #MentalHealthMatters

If you're struggling or need support, NQ Connect is a free #counselling and support service for people in northern Queensland who are feeling the pressures of everyday life. Call 1300 059 625 or visit for online counselling.

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