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NQ Connect support for flood-affected Queenslanders

NQ Connect to provide free mental and social health support for flood affected Queenslanders.

What can I teach my kids about dealing with bullies?

We’ve all known or experienced bullying. In its simplest form, it’s when someone attempts to harm or intimidate a person that they feel is vulnerable or somehow “below” them. In order to properly deal with bullying it’s necessary to understand why people bully in the first place.

Is anger a big part of your relationship?

Disagreements, frustration and conflict will always happen in any serious relationship. However, anger can be a problem when it becomes more than just a passing feeling.

6 steps towards a healthier relationship

Good relationships are the most important thing in your life. They make a huge difference to your mental health and can even improve your physical health and life expectancy. Here’s some great advice on making the most of your relationship.


'… social identity is a fundamental basis for a range of psychological states critical to health & wellbeing… (it's) what allows us to fulfil our potential as human beings.' A new psychology of health - Unlocking the social cure from @psychmag

Federal & state reviews of mental health create opportunities to build a truly holistic model of care. Let's look at the individual as a unique being, w/ strengths & challenges to overcome, not someone that needs to be ‘fixed’. More: #Mentalhealth

NQ Connect provides help and support for people who are worried, stressed and affected by floods. Our professional counsellors are here to provide support 24/7 - call 1300 059 625 any time.
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All of us here at @OntheLineAus are proud to support this expansion of our @nqconnect service to Queenslanders who are facing tough times due to natural disasters.

NQ Connect is providing #counselling, mental and social health support to flood-affected Queenslanders. Here's how the new services have expanded.

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