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Depression and loneliness in aged care

Why do so many people in aged care experience depression and loneliness? And what can you do about it?

Understanding why someone would want to take their own life

What could drive someone to want to take their own life? Understanding why someone feels this way is the first step to helping them with their suicidal thoughts.

The link between chronic disease, depression and anxiety

Why are people who live with chronic illness more likely to experience depression and anxiety?

Looking after your mental health? Don’t forget your physical health.

Looking after your health won’t just make you happier. It may actually help you live longer (up to 20 years, according to new research).


There is more evidence than ever that shows #loneliness has a profound effect on our wellbeing. Here's why social contact and connection is fundamental to good #mentalhealth.
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When it comes to mental health, here are some practical steps can we take to support ourselves. Tips from @Psych2Live

While people tend to eat well or exercise to maintain their physical health, often #mentalhealth is neglected. Here's how #counselling can benefit mental health:
@OntheLineAus #MentalHealthMatters #wellbeing #MentalFitness

This Sunday 18th August is #VietnamVeteransDay, also known as #LongTanDay, commemorating the service and sacrifice of Vietnam veterans.
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