K10 Test for Depression and Anxiety

A K10 assessment is a self-administered depression test to help you determine to what extent you’ve experienced depression or anxiety over the last month. It is recognised for its accuracy and reliability and is widely used by health professionals to assess people showing signs of anxiety and depression.

Have you been wondering “do I have depression” or “do I have anxiety”?  If you have questions about your mental health, the K10 depression test can give you a clear picture of the severity of your depression symptoms and anxiety symptoms. It is intended to help you decide if you need to seek help.


How the K10 mental health test works

The K10 test takes less than two minutes to complete. It is a simple 10-point questionnaire designed to quickly assess symptoms of depression and anxiety (think of it as a professionally designed mental health quiz). It then provides you with a K10 score – a number from 10 to 50 that rates the level and intensity of your negative feelings (psychological distress is the term used by mental health professionals).

It is important to note that a K10 self-assessment is not a mental health diagnosis, but rather, a tool to assist you in determining whether you need help.

It is recommended that you consider phone (1300 059 625) and online counselling if your result on the K10 scale is 20 (Moderate) or higher.


What does the score mean?

This figure represents the level of psychological distress. This is a general term used by health professionals to describe the intensity of negative emotions and feelings and to what extent they affect our daily lives.

As mentioned, a K10 self-assessment is not a mental health diagnosis. It is a tool to help you determine whether you need help.

For privacy and data quality reasons, a counsellor cannot access the score for completed tests. When you log in, you can revisit the result for any previously completed K10 assessments here. This allows you to monitor how you’ve been feeling in the long term. When communicating with a counsellor, you should advise them of your K10 assessment results.

It is also important to note that a K10 assessment should be completed once every six weeks at most. This will ensure your self-assessment is as accurate as possible.


To start the K10 depression and anxiety test and acquire your K10 score, please create an account and log in to NQ Connect.


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