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Couple upset in a counselling session
What happens during couples counselling?

Arguing is not pleasant but in a healthy relationship those differences are often overcome and both people ‘move on’ and deal with the source of conflict. However, for some couples it can get to the point where one or both of you feels it is straining your relationship.

Women comforting her friend on Mother's Day
Coping with the loss of a parent on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Twice a year across Australia families gather to spend a day with a parent. Yet for those who have lost one or both parents, it can be a difficult time.

Man with head in hands needing help
When should I reach out to someone who needs help?

Many people find it challenging to talk about how they feel. While this may be for a variety of reasons, the fact that they may have difficulty ‘opening up’ can ultimately can affect their mental health. So how and when is it best to reach out to someone who may need our help?

Couple with relationship troubles
How can I get my relationship back on track?

Relationship trouble and separation can come as a surprise when it’s initiated by a partner. That’s because some people do not recognise the warning signs that their relationship is in trouble, or ignore these signs in the hope that things will get better.

Women sitting alone reading separated in later life
Coping with separation later in life

To cope successfully with late-life separation, it is critical to seek out help and support from professionals, friends and family. Trying to ‘tough it out’ on your own places you at great risk of depression and other mental and physical health problems.

Separated parents arguing in front of sad little girl
Doing the best for your children after separation

All parents want to be the best that they can for their children. Focusing on the best ways to navigate a separation involving children can help you lead a happy and healthy life.