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Veterans support

Free counselling and mental health support for veterans and ADF families

Australian Defense Forces Veteran talking about PTSD
What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

People with PTSD may experience ongoing re-occurrence of the same feelings that they experienced during the traumatic event(s) – depressed or negative mood or thoughts, dissociative symptoms or a combination of these symptom patterns. The symptoms may interfere with the person’s ability to carry out their everyday life, work and relationships.

Ex Australian Defense Forces Upset leaning against a wall
Tips for ADF members transitioning to civilian life

The pace of civilian life can seem very different. Where military life was highly regimented, civilian life can seem chaotic and uncertain. Why is returning to civilian life a challenge for so many veterans?


Veterans support services

An online list of health services and facilities available to veterans and former ADF personnel.

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Veterans forum

Get help and support from fellow veterans as well as current and former ADF personnel and families.

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K10 test for depression and anxiety

A self-administered test to help you determine to what extent you’ve recently been experiencing depression or anxiety.

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mHealth app

Monitor your mental health with the mHealth self-administered app.

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Articles and features on a range of mental health topics.

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