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Welcome to NQ Connect Self-Help Resources

Mental Health Topics

Expert articles and resources on a wide range of mental health topics. Read up on areas including addictions, anger management, depression and anxiety, self-harm and suicide prevention, plus find advice on managing work and as well as intimate and family relationships.

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Connecting People

Specialist resources and articles addressing the unique needs of specific groups of people. Find informed articles on the challenges faced by veterans and ex-ADF personnel, people who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, and people who identify as LGBQTIA+.

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Self-Help Tools

Use the self-help tools portal to help you look after your mental health. Use our interactive  community referral map to locate and contact a health professional. Talk to and find support from like-minded people on the mental health forum. Or do a K10 self-assessment test to track your mood over time.

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